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  • Marina Club
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  • Sunset Beach
  • Diyar Al-Muharraq Marinas
  • Saudi Coast Guard
  • Yas Marina
  • Durrat Marina
  • Hawar Marina
  • Muharraq Fishing Harbor
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Kvichak – Vigor

Vigor, formerly Kvichak Marine Industries contracted BEAUCRAFT for the safekeeping, maintenance, international repositioning, demonstration and client personnel training of its US $ 2.5 million valued demonstration model 45' RB-M Commercial vessel in Bahrain and across the GCC. The vessel was used to demonstrate this high-tech line of vessels maneuverability and mission capabilities to potential governmental, military and security customers across the GCC. This included private demonstration to decision makers and personnel training as well as demonstration at both the IDEX 2016 & 2017 International Defense Exhibition and Conference in Abu Dhabi.

Marina Club

The Marina Club is Bahrain’s, and the GCC’s, oldest fully qualified leisure marina. BEAUCRAFT was successfully contracted, through a sub-contract, to operate the marina and develop its operations and activities with the aim of enhancing revenue generation potential, reducing operational costs profile and elevating services quality to recognized international standards for marinas. This work included upgrading of facilities and equipment, establishment of a full watersports operation, daily marina and club house management as well as advice on future expansion and redevelopment.

Palm Beach Resort

BEAUCRAFT was sub-contracted to develop and operate the marina and watersports activities of Palm Beach Resort, Half Moon Bay, Saudi Arabia. As a sub-contractor, the contract included the redesign and replacement of the marina’s jetty system, the outfitting of the marina management offices, the supply and installation of a floating watersports center, the supply and commissioning of watersports equipment, the supply of trained watersports and marina professionals, and the overall management operation of the marina and watersports activities.

Laguna Beach Hotel & Resort

Palm Beach Hotel & Resort is a five-star resort located on the idyllic west coat of Bahrain. BEAUCRAFT was contracted to deliver a turnkey watersports center and operations within the resort catering for guests and visitors. The turnkey solution included the purchasing of all watersports equipment, supply of professionally qualified water sports operators and instructors, setting up of water sports operations suitable for a five-star resort and operations of the full array of licensed watersports activities, both motorized and non-motorized, with emphasis on the highest customer service standards. In addition, the solution included advisory and management of marine leisure facilities and activities expansion. This is done in support of the on-going and planned expansion of the resort and the group’s new properties in Bahrain.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach, located in Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia is the most premium and exclusive private seaside resort in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom. Under a cooperation arrangement, BEAUCRAFT has provided its signature Extremesportz division’s hydrosports activities through shows and training for the resort’s guests and visitors. By bringing this exciting adrenalin packed entrainment to the resort, while maintaining the utmost levels of customer service, BEAUCRAFT created a unique experience for the resort’s patrons.

Diyar Al-Muharraq Marinas

BEAUCRAFT was appointed in an affiliated arrangement as the marina specialist to provide specialized marina and marine leisure advisory to assess the feasibility and provide strategic recommendations for establishing marina lifestyle developments within the multi-billion dollar master-planned city of Diyar Al Muharraq. The role included provision of local and regional market research and insights, in-depth information analysis, provision of strategic recommendations on feasibility of marina lifestyle development, advice on business/development models for marinas and structuring of financial marina feasibility modeling.

Saudi Coast Guard

Eastern Province, KSA

BEAUCRAFT supplied and installed a commercial marina for the Saudi coast guard based in the eastern provinces of Saudi Arabia. Based on our system 4 and attached sea flex sea anchors, this system is designed to handle vessles up to 16 meters in length with a life expectancy exceeding 20 years.

Yas Marina

Abu Dhabi, UAE

BEAUCRAFT was responsible for installing the opening systems to allow entry and exit to the Abu Dhabai boat show 2010 and its floatation systems.

Yas Marina – Abu Dhabi, UAE Yas Marina

Durrat Marina

Aldur, Kingdom of Bahrain

BEAUCRAFT has been the marine consultant for Bahrain’s first of its kind and largest marina orientated waterfront project and has been signed as the lead marina consultant for the project. BEAUCRAFT has been hired to design, manage the development and advise on the operations of the project.

Durrat Marina Durrat Marina

Hawar Marina

Hawar Islands, Kingdom of Bahrain

BEAUCRAFT has successfully installed a 24 berth marina, which is considered to be one of its highest tech and quality marinas in Hawar Islands 25 kilometers off the coast of the main Island in Bahrain, proving its abilities to provide its total marine solutions at its highest quality at any geographical location in the region

Hawar Marina Hawar Marina

Muharraq Fishing Harbor

Muharraq Kingdom of Bahrain

The muharraq fishing harbor required BEAUCRAFT’s design team to work around an existing harbor to provide a solution for the operation of loading and offloading for fishermen while providing a positive impact on the local community.

Muharraq Fishing Harbor

Durrat Al Bahrain & Amwaj Islands Residents

Kingdom of Bahrain

From boats to boat lifts to pontoons, BEAUCRAFT has successfully managed to provide a full range of products and services to cater for the needs of Marine enthusiasts all around the main island of Bahrain.

Durrat Al Bahrain & Amwaj Islands Residents Durrat Al Bahrain & Amwaj Islands Residents